Meet Toronto!

It’s already been a month since I started this trip, jeez. So from Ottawa I headed to Toronto, the biggest city in Canada. Honestly nothing have worked out from my plans. I never planned to visit Canada and stay there for longer than a week. Toronto was great though, it’s a multicultural city that offers you experience diversity of various cultures and also foods. I was simply amazed how international the city is, you could hear not only English in the city, Spanish, French, Hindu, Arabic, Chinese and many other languages. Obviously Canada was built up with immigrants and even nowadays many foreigners want to settle their brand new life in Toronto.

It took exactly five hours from Ottawa to Toronto. I as usual used amigo express and traveled with a man from Democratic Congo. We left Ottawa at 6 a.m which basically means I got up at 5:00 and had a quick shower (practically the quickest shower I ever have had in my life) and got an Uber to get to the meeting point. I was half dead during the trip but after a cup of bitter coffee I felt a lot better.


I finally landed at 11:00 A.M. My body was completely worn out even though the coffee temporarily helped me to stay awake. I stayed at an AirBnB which is a bit out of the city but still accessible to downtown. My friendly Brazilian hosts (Tais and Sauer) totally took care of me a lot. I kinda started feeling bad because of cold in 2nd day and they got me some medicine. Totally appreciated.

St. Lawrence Market

So after taking some rest I headed to downtown and had a look at St. Lawrence Market. Luckily the weather got a lot better since my arrival in Toronto. I got a daily subway ticket that allows me to use the metro unlimitedly but I decided to walk more because the weather was so nice.

12I love Canadian flag and apparently Canadians love it even more.

Unlike in the US, It’s quite easy to find a free wifi connection in Canada.

Locals come by and have their lunch in the market. Every city has its own local markets and St. Lawrence Market is definitely representing Toronto. The pasta was a bit too salty but I enjoyed the sun at least.

Distillery District

It’s my favorite place in Toronto. A lot of nice boutiques, great atmosphere and coffee places. It’s a commercial and residential district, located east of downtown, it contains numerous cafés, restaurants, and shops housed within heritage buildings of the former Gooderham and Worts Distillery.

1.jpgIt’s difficult to explain how much Canadians love their national flag. To be honest I’d feel exactly the same about the flag, it’s super nice. Red and white and the maple leaf.

It has become such a hot place for travelers visiting Toronto so you’d better be ready to be patient when you get here. I really love all those small stores, they sell interesting goods.

CN Tower

12Same building but with different impacts.

CN Tower is probably the best description representing Toronto. It’s a 553.3 m-high concrete communications and observation tower. Not really cheap to get in but I think it was pretty much worth the price.

Entrance fee – 36 Canadian dollars (General Admission)
Internet booking is also available if you don’t want to wait a lot. Check it here

1Waiting to go up.

123Amazing view of Toronto. I kinda regret that I didn’t go to CN Tower in night time. Night views must be fantabulous.

1.jpgI hope you guy don’t mind my messy hair 😀 It just had gotten worse by the time I arrived in Toronto.

1.jpgThank you sun set for showing you up in time.

1.jpgSee? It’s a lot scarier than you could ever imagine! I pretended like I wasn’t afraid of anything but shooooooot- it was so scary!

There are a plenty of parks you could visit and enjoy the freedom you have in Toronto. I mean Canada is one of those “environment-friendly” countries, thus it’s not weird to see more parks than ordinary grocery stores.

1squirrels coming out and being friends with humans is not a big thing in Canada.

Dowotown Toronto


I’d call Toronto as a shopping paradise. Everything you need can be bought in the downtown. Plus, there are a lot of international food places. One day you consider having Japanese for lunch, next day perhaps Italian, the other days Indian or American burgers. This area is full of energy, by the time I got there, there were some demonstrations regarding respecting animals life.

1.jpgThrow back to my first year being abroad – getting lost all the time, trying to be as social as possible to make friends. Well, it wasn’t in Toronto but this street sort of made me feel that way. I’m now more like a grown up traveler. I don’t panic even if I get lost, I rather enjoy it. Getting bitten by bedbugs – It’s annoying, definitely a big pain in the ass but it doesn’t stop me to travel.

1.jpgFinally found it out – of course, not on purpose, it just came out on the way to the bus terminal. Wandering Toronto is quite easy, at least within the downtown area. Oh, I gotta mention about this interesting conversation with 3 Canadian guys from Montreal.

Me – Excuse me, do you mind to take some pics of me?
Them – Ah um, okay sure. (With such massive French accents)
Me – Thanks. Where are you guys from?
Them – Montreal. We are here only for today, we need to go back to Montreal tomorrow.
Me – I was in Montreal for a week, I loved it.
Them – Ah oui? Cool! Do you like Montreal more than Toronto?
Me – Absolutely, I can tell that.

They seemed so happy to hear what city I liked more. Be proud, Montreal inhabitants! But Toronto isn’t that bad either, definitely.

This is it for today. Have you ever been to Toronto? Tell me how it was!

All the love,

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