Amazing Niagara Falls

Hiya all, so now I’m in Seattle, Washington, having great times with my friend Rebecca. While she’s at work I basically explore the city and so many charming cafes by myself. It’s been such a great experience right here. Well right now I’m gonna try to throwback to the great memories from the Niagara Falls in Canada. I went there 2 weeks ago actually what brought me to Toronto was the beautiful and incredible falls.

Visit Niagara Falls!

The most interesting fact about the Falls is that it could be seen both in Canadian side and US side, as I was in the red part (Canada) I was able to see more of the falls. I took a greyhound from Toronto to the falls and it only took 2 hours or 2 hours and half which is basically nothing considering the size of Canada. As soon as I arrived I got a transportation card which can be used all day long, it costs only 6$ and people usually use it for heading to the falls and coming back to the station unless they stay in some hotels nearby the falls.


If you take the bus and wait for 3 minutes you will be able to see this incredible view. I’m in general not amazed by landscapes so easily but Niagara Falls is definitely exceptional. There’s a boat trip and I actually recommend everyone visiting the Falls to take it, even though it’s a bit costly (25.95$). You could book your ticket on your phone which makes your life a lot easier, otherwise you gotta wait a lot. More info here

355Looks like red zombies waiting for their food, but no! If you take the boat in the American side, it’s gonna be blue. What do you like more?

1.jpg2I’m probably the worst selfie taker in the whole world.


People repeating “Oh my god! look at that.”. Well yeah, it’s amazing.


When you get off from the boat you will definitely see yourself wet. But nothing too serious to be worried about. What I can tell you is that don’t avoid the water, just enjoy every single second. Niagara Falls is not what you see every day 🙂

1.jpgBad hair, bad pose but I don’t mind.


The timing couldn’t be better. The rainbow suddenly came out and people started to take pictures of the view. See? It’s always better going to the Falls when it’s a sunny day. So, avoid winter season, it’s gonna be freezing! :O Canadian winter is very well known for its intense cold.


I generally am not into sweets so much but from time to time I get desperate and seek for some sweet ice creams, it all depends what mood I’m in.

So to conclude, I stayed in the Niagara area for more or less 5-6 hours, some people could say it’s not enough but It definitely was to me. Obviously it would have been much more comfortable and nicer if I had stayed at a luxury hotel, however you know, I couldn’t afford it. If you are as laid-back as me and don’t like to rush but still a fast runner, 5 hours could be the best shot for you. Just so you know!

Dang, come to think of it, it also was on my bucket list and now I could draw a line and create a new one to add onto my bucket list 🙂 If somebody asks me how my day went, I’d probably call it “A lifetime experience.” I mean, see the picture above? You definitely gotta see them in person. Just amazing, not describable!

All the love,

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