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Hi folks, I hope you are well. Now I’m in Mexico City, Mexico. Despite the fact that I’m not a summer person I’m trying to enjoy the severe sun right here. Mexico has been stunning so far, I like the people and the beaches are nice to be at as well. I left New York City like 2 weeks ago, my stay there was great, after two days things got a bit crazy though.

So to conclude, I took a night bus from Toronto, Canada to NY City, I’m not fond of being awaken during the night (Well, who likes it anyway?) but so far night trips have been okay to me. The only problem was that I got bitten by bedbugs in Canada or before, I really have no clue where it happened. I remind you, it’s nightmarish! First off it’s crazy itching, you never know when it starts to annoy you. I got a cream as soon as I arrived in New York, fortunately it seems like getting bitten by bedbugs isn’t so new here in the Northern America. It took about 3 days to be bedbugs-free when it happened to me first time in Belgium last year. I had to get my laundry done with a very high temperature otherwise they never die, crazy bastards.

US-Canada border.

Well, NY was fun though! I stayed with 2 guys from Venezuela in Brooklyn area. NY is so big and you never get to know this city enough. I asked to many people who already have been to NY and the answers I got were more or less the same.
“It could be a few days or one month, or even a year but it’s never enough to get to know NY.” Well, they are right. There are too many things to see and to do.

Times Square


The first spot I visited in NY! As I stayed in Brooklyn it was a bit tricky to get to touristic places because most of them are located in Manhattan, however metro in NY runs everywhere so it wasn’t really bothering me. I got a weekly ticket which costs 35$ (Not sure the exact cost) and I was able to travel as much as I could. Times Square is definitely worth visiting but you gotta be ready to be surrounded by people. I mean everyone visiting NY city gets to visit this place and if you come by in the evening it gets even more crowded. Capital of capitalism…well, that’s the word I’m gonna use if you ask me to describe Times Square. Very nice though.


Battery Park City

Hmm coffee, hmm love!

The next day I got to visit the Battery Park City to have a nice walk along the seaside. Thankfully the weather couldn’t be better ever. Many travelers had told me that NY’s weather would be bothering since it rains a lot and gets gloomy often but well I’m kinda lucky when it goes to a matter of weather, I mean anywhere I go. The park was stunning, I could see an overview of Manhattan with a cup of coffee.


Statue of Liberty

Definitely something you gotta see when you are in the city, right?
There are several ways to get to see the Statue but I didn’t want to pay to take the boat, thus I took the free boat that goes to Staten Islands and comes back to Manhattan. If you want to see the Statue closely it probably is a bad idea taking this free boat, then you gotta take the boat that goes to Ellis Islands. The free boat tour was great though.


Brooklyn Bridge


If you ask me what my favorite place in NY city is, I’d unquestioningly say “Brooklyn Bridge”. It’s beautiful first all but not only beautiful, you could take a great view of both Brooklyn and Manhattan. People run through the bridge to be shape, couples have romantic times, travelers keep taking a load of pictures. I mean you never want to miss those beautiful scenes, do you? Got I miss walking through the bridge, it was awesome. I recommend you to put some nice music about NY and listen to them while you walk, which I did and it was a brilliant idea. Well, bravo me.




I was amazed by how big NY is! It obviously has a ton of things to offer. From shopping (obviously) to small but cute boutiques. Speaking of which, I got lost ten times per day even though I had an internet connection with me all the time 😀 But getting host in NY is not so shabby because you are not the only one who does that. Manhattan was so fun overall. I went to Trump tower which has nothing to see, I mean you just enter there and could have a cup of coffee and then shop maybe but that’s not what I was looking for.
The 911 memorial museum is one of those places you gotta visit and see in NY. So many innocent people died and most of them were travelers. Jeez.

Apparently I missed the other one (Hope).
Flatiron building.

Little Italy

Next to Chinatown you get to see New York City’s Little Italy. It’s unbelievable how quickly the atmosphere changes. Italian restaurants, cafeterias, gelato places and so on.


Grand Central Station

I don’t think I have seen any bigger central stations than this. Incredible. It’s not only about the size, it has so many things to have a look. There are a lot of places to eat, have a coffee and also some photogenic spaces around.



New York City has quite many charming cafés. I got tired of Starbucks and was looking for somewhere new and I found “Toby’s estate coffee shop” in Williamsburg. I loved this place a lot! Not only the coffee but also the atmosphere itself. People work, read books, play with their phone out there.


Williamsburg definitely has been one of the hottest places in New York City.
Night view from Williamsburg. So stunning!


I know it’s really stupid believing all the stereotype that people tend to have. But it’s fun to check if they are correct, let’s see what I expected the Newyorkers to be like.

  • Busiest people in the world
    Welp, NY is practically the capital of world’s economy, thus seeing businessmen wear suits and walking so fast is not so new. They never wait at a stop signal, they rather rush all the time, they eat pizza and hold a cup of coffee while walking, they’re definitely obsessed with effectivity and productivity, get Evernote and make it the most valuable thing they ever own. They order Starbucks on their phone so that they may avoid waiting like peasants. Sounds funny right? However I partly agree with this stereotype.
  • Capital of fashion
    Perhaps I have watched too many American films and dramas. It’s kinda true though. Many people in NewYork dress very well, it depends which zone you are though. Well at least people in Manhattan are.

What to eat?

The west coast side of the United States has In&Out burger then what does the the east coast? Most of you might mention about “Shake and Shack” but I tried five guys in stead. I don’t think that’s east side premium but one guy that I met in a cafe told me they have good burgers and potatoes I went for it. It was tasty but I sincerely prefer In&out burgers. Dang, I miss California.
Speaking of foods, in NY you could eat whatever you want. Asians? Italian? Mexican? McDonalds?


Duh, writing this post was definitely the hardest one so far. New York City literally has too many things to offer. I’m not surprised why all the travelers are obsessed with this outstanding city.
Well, have you been to NY city? What were your favorite places to visit? 🙂

All the love,

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