Fall in love with Seattle

Seattle is overflowing with nice cafés, delicious dishes and stunning looking buildings. I don’t think many of you would agree but in my opinion you could easily lose a week exploring the city of rain. If you have to rush and just pass by, be sure to take the best of Seattle!


Once again I took a flight from New York City to Seattle and arrived at 14:00ish. Tacoma Airport is pretty far away from Seattle Downtown, though it’s really easy to get there.
I can tell how much Seattle loved me and welcomed me. It’s well known for it’s weather, rainy, cloudy, chilly and so on but as soon as I arrived the first thing I saw was the beautiful sun. I took a train from the Airport to the last station and got to meet Rebecca. We met in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2015 and made our reunion happen in Seattle. Obviously there are many other reasons why I was eager to visit this city but having a friend like her is definitely the biggest reason. After I left my luggages at her car I got to have some nice cuisines near her workplace. God, it was so good to be in Seattle.

I still don’t understand the tip things in America to be honest 😀 but servers are always so friendly and willing to help.

Magnuson Park

It’s a 350 acres park on Sand Point at Pontiac Bay, Lake Washington, in the Sand Point neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The park is the second largest in Seattle, after 534 acres Discovery Park in Magnolia.

Address : 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115, USA

So we left our things at home and we headed out to Magnuson Park. We never wanted to miss the beautiful sun as it doesn’t happen frequently in Seattle.
“Hey guys are you enjoying this beautiful day?”
“We definitely are! Not so much time left though!”


Would be so cool to hike the mountain someday later
Couldn’t be happier to meet her up again!

Capitol Hill & Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Starbucks Reserve Roastery : 1124 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

Next night we had some Mexican dishes and head off to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. You could taste many different kind of coffees and decide what to order. Nice atmosphere, professional service and great coffee! I definitely recommend you to visit there when you are in town. I loved the freshly beaned coffee indeed. The baristas are extremely well knowledgable regarding coffee and what exactly they do.


Capitol Hill is definitely the place you have to visit at night if you are looking for some nice places to drink out. Seattle, aka the city of hippies has a load of good places to have foods and drinks but Capitol Hill is the one that is full of young people.


On the way to Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a public market overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle, Washington, United States. The Market opened August 17, 1907, and is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the United States. I’d recommend to start off your first day visiting the market, it’s definitely a worth.

Cherry blossoms


The market is so springy. There are many things to look at but as Seattle is a port town you better not miss the fish markets inside.

If you begin to smell some salmon and any other fishes, that means you are nearby the fish market.
Gum Wall, located in Post Alley under Pike Place Market.

We got to watch some Japanese cultural performances. Rebecca lived in Japan for 6 months lat year and it was a great way to cherish her memory while watching the performance. They performed really well. It seems like quite many Japanese people have settled down in Seattle.


Smith Tower

It’s a skyscraper in Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington. Completed in 1914, the 38-story, 484 ft tower is the oldest skyscraper in the city, and was among the tallest skyscrapers outside New York City at the time of its completion.
Many visitors exploring Seattle prefer Columbia Center as it’s a lot higher or some of them visit both but as I was too late to go to the latter one I chose the Smith Tower. The whole building is pretty old which I was fond of. While waiting for a night view I got to talk to a man from Syria, well it must be really heartbreaking whenever he gets to hear what happens in his home country through news. I learned something from him.
“Whenever you feel like you are the unluckiest human on the globe, try to think about the innocent children waiting for death”. From time to time I find life very unfair.


Of note – I didn’t go to Space needle!

Discover your favorite café!

Seattle is a fun urban city and also well known for many different kind of cafés. I honestly have been to a load of different cafeterias both in Europe and in Northern America but Seattle is definitely the best if it comes to coffee places. Not only the gnarly taste of coffee but also the atmosphere, baristas with high knowledge of coffee. God, I miss Seattle already!

When you wanna do nothing just get a cup of tasty coffee and write about your trips!

I gotta tell you that I had a really hard time to pick my favorite café in Seattle. Let me introduce one!

Milstead & Co
Address – 900 N 34th St, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

Great coffee with nice music!



If you ask me what my favorite zone in Seattle is, with no doubt I’d tell this area. A lot of boutiques, gift shops, cafeterias and places to drink out. It seemingly has been loved by young people living in Seattle and I don’t wonder why. The café I mentioned above also is located in Fremont.

Odd but yeah! Statue of Lenin in America.

Washington is one of those gay friendly states in America along with California and Oregon (mostly west coast)
Blue Moon Burgers. Quite good.

The Seattle Public Library

It’s not just a library, the entire architecture is definitely worth having a look. I’m into spending time in library reading books, listening to classic music and using internet. The size of the library is quite big and many inhabitants come by. It’s incredible how they organize everything so clean. Dang, I kinda miss my student life.


Gas Works Park

It’s a 19.1-acre public park on the site of the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant, located on the north shore of Lake Union at the south end of the Wallingford neighborhood. As Rebs recommend I followed it and totally loved it. Great environment! I think it’s a perfect place to chill out and forget about daily life for a while. It’s such a genius idea to convert A gas station into a park where any people could come and enjoy the day.


See? Seattle totally loves me!



Kerry Park

Well haha, Seattle has many different parks, let’s say it’s eco-friendly. However Kerry Park is something different. I wouldn’t call it a park, it’s more like a mirador that allows you to see a view of the entire city. I got an Uber from Fremont to Kerry Park, after leaving California I hardly used Uber and was being against it also in Seattle but suddenly I got really tired, thus I used this excuse.



Alki Beach

I questioned myself how I would make my last day in Seattle so special and visiting Alki Beach was a genius idea. Well, bravo me. It’s kinda tricky to get there from downtown but I made it quite easily. Thanks Rebs for providing your transportation card! It saved my little butt, though I still had gotten lost all the time over the city.

Jealous of Seattle inhabitants, they get to see this beautiful beach whenever they want and I don’t…
My favorite expression – Peace is looking at a sunset and thinking who to thank
The picture taker must hate me a lot


Beautiful, right? But you shouldn’t be spending the majority of your time taking pictures of the beach. In stead, enjoy the amazing sunset!


I met a couple of Vietnamese people living in Seattle in the park. They were so friendly and curious about me. The lady called Jenny gave me a lot of useful tips for exploring Seattle in a better way. It looks like her son is around my age and I kinda reminded her and her husband of their son. This is why I keep traveling, it’s so full of secrets, you never get to know what’s gonna come up next and who you’re gonna meet up.

See the frustrated face? I really didn’t want to leave Seattle. Rebs, your mission definitely completed.
On my way back to Seattle downtown from Alki Beach

Culture shocks in America

Same word goes to Canada. It would be ten times easier for the buyer and also the seller whichever they buy and sell if the original price includes tax at the outset.
2.The size and amount of food
I’m not being hostile but let me tell you that Americans eat a lot.
When you order coffee people most likely ask you if you wish to put some sugar on it. Hell no! (It also happens in Canada and Mexico) That’s definitely not what I’m used to in Europe.
4.Car or walk?
Even if it’s walkable people slightly prefer to drive, in particular in California. I talked about this with Milo, my Serbian buddy and he agreed with me.
5.Coke over water
Definitely the opposite of France.
Maybe it’s only me but I had a strong feeling that everywhere I go in America it’s all about marketing.

Rebs, Sergio (her boyfriend) and I went out for Puertorican dinner afterwards at Ballard. Damn it was soooooo good, I wouldn’t dare to save my money for something nice to eat. Ah, also the ginger beer was great!

It’s never sufficient to fulfill your knowledge about one specific city, even if you are satisfied with your exploration. Some places require a day or even a quarter of a day but according to my own experiences it’s always better staying for a longer time, meeting the locals, eating and drinking like them. I noticed that the conception of my trips has changed a lot. Every single thing has something to teach me and I get better and travel better by learning things. I feel so appreciated for the great hospitality, Rebs! I wonder when we are going to make our second reunion happen.

Overall Seattle is not only about Grey’s Anatomy, it has a lot more things to show you than you could ever imagine. Trust me.

All the love,

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