Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The 3 weeks in Mexico was relatively cozy and made me think what I’m traveling for. After having been in the US and Canada I really wanted to go somewhere completely new and Mexico had crossed my mind. Flights from the US to Mexico are not terribly costly, regardless of the city you are leaving from but I guess from Texas it should be cheaper. So once again I took an United Airlines from Seattle to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My flight was scheduled at almost a mid night so I spent the last evening with Rebecca and Sergio in Ballad, Seattle which is definitely one of my favorite places in town.

Puerto Vallarta is literally great! It’s so charming with laid-back people and beautiful beaches. I stayed with Nayeli and her flatmate Claudia in Buceria area, it’s a bit far away from touristic areas which allowed me to stay more peacefully. The girls took me to a pretty cool beach close to their home. It was so funny that they have two dogs, one male and one female, the way they treat the dogs is like taking care of their children or something.

Man is back on the beach

Well yeah, Mexico is overall very family friendly. Family is one of the most important factors for them, obviously more than friends or couples. We spent a very nice time in the evening at a bar which is run by Nayeli’s friend. We were 5 of us as two Americans (William and Andrea) joined us. I wasn’t completely sure if I would like to drink a lot and get wasted in my first day after having basically no breaks from the flights but it just did happen. It was a great time though!


The next day I got to visit the hidden beach (Las Marietas). It’s forbidden to visit there individually, so it had to be a group boat tour. The tour includes food, unlimited drinks, snorkeling and boat trips. The hidden beach wasn’t as impressive as I expected it to be, it was more like an ordinary island. Well those things often happen. The tour was quite interesting nevertheless, we also had a drinking competition which I find a bit ridiculous.


Then I went to Cristian’s house and we had such a great time together. He’s sort of new to Couchsurfing world but is able to build a great atmosphere for both of us. We went out for night food and the quesadilla was amazingly delicious. God, how much I miss Mexican food!


The latter, the more beautiful Puerto Vallarta gets. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss its amazing sunset. Also, it’s interesting that this city always has been one of the safest cities in Mexico.

1.jpgAnother good CS experience. Gracias Cristian!

Have you been to Puerto Vallarta? Then, how was your experience?


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