Guadalajara, Mexico

So, after exploring Puerto Vallarta for three days I moved to Guadalajara as known as one of the largest cities in Mexico. Mexico has great bus lines which makes travelers life a lot easier. From Vallarta to Guadalajara there are a couple of options you may consider. First off “Bus”. Well, cheaper and faster and they even provide a free wifi within the bus. Second there’s also “Blabla car”. I previously used it in France last year and apparently it also exists in Mexico. Thus I decided to take a blablacar over bus and it turned out to be a great idea as I met two friendly Argentinian backpackers (Bruno and Pricila) on the ride. in Mexico, or the whole Latin America you more or less will have communication problems due to lack of English of the locals, but no need to afraid of it. Mexicans are friendly people and they like to help foreign tourists, of course you always need to pay attention on where you are who you are with. Security there is not like in the US or Canada for example.

Get to know Guadalajara

As soon as I arrived I headed off to a Starbucks and contacted my host Pancho. He was pretty busy with his school but still invited me to learn some about my culture. I absolutely like the conception of Couchsurfing, you invite or you get invited, learn about each other’s culture. Isn’t that convincing? I already have been a member of the website for 4 years and I still think it’s genius.


Is there anyone who doesn’t love Mexican food? I’m sorry but you must be ageusic.

After meeting up with Pancho and leaving my things at his room we went to have some dinner. Oh god, did I ever mention how much I love Mexican food? They are just amazing. Speaking of which, two of my American friends told me the only thing they desperately missed from home while they were traveling in Europe and Asia was Mexican food, I thought they were joking. “What? Mexican food over your friends or family?” Well, they were right, Mexican food is great enough to miss when you are not around.


Guadalajara is not a tricky city to travel around, it’s actually pretty big but tourists attractions are quite evident and close to each other.



Mexico is traditionally very christian so every city you go you will easily see beautiful churches. My favorite is “Guadalupe Church” in Mexico City, nevertheless those in Guadalajara are worth seeing and getting a picture.

Don’t miss a night view of the city


Guadalajara gets extremely warm from the beginning of May, so be aware of that! I’m not necessarily a summer person or a hot lover so it was a little bit hard to fall in sleep at night. Pancho’s sister Letizia told me that the warmest month in Guadalajara should be between May to June, not from July to August. How lucky am I? 😉
So if you want to get some fresh air and avoid massive Mexican sun, be patient and go out in the evening which gets a bit cooler, but not too much. Concerning about security? Guadalajara also has been one of the safest cities in whole Mexico along with Vallarta. Besides if you know some Mexicans it shouldn’t be a big deal in terms of security.

Have you ever been to Guadalajara? How was it?

All the love,

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