Guanajuato, Mexico

If you ask me the most attractive city in Mexico among all I have been to, my answer is going to be “Guanajuato”. It’s not a famous city nor a must-go place for most travelers but I really liked my time there and city structure. It’s just a cute town you can see within a day.

How to get there?

I used a bus from Guadalajara and it took only about 2 hours more or less. As I already mentioned on my previous post, Mexico provides great bus systems for travelers, they are not terribly costly and provide reasonable routes.

Streets in Guanajuato are so colorful and all the architecture reminds of Spain, much more than any other cities in Mexico.

I stayed at an AirBnB with an American man named Christopher, I was basically his second guest and he hadn’t been in the city for a long time but still offered me great tips exploring the city, like the best food place to eat and must go places to visit before I leave.

Ready to climb?


City gets a lot prettier when it’s evening.

Guanajuato’s most beautiful zone is just on the top of city which means you’ve got to climb a little bit, but not as much as you need to worry about. I’m not a good climber and I was already worn out before even beginning the hike but I still made it. Mirador Pipila (Observatory, more or less) of Guanajuato gets you the best city views ever, I definitely recommend you to get there and see the beautiful scenes of Guanajuato.


What to do?

Satisfied with the view? I’m sure you are! Guanajuato has got a lot of good places to eat out and drink out. I discovered a few bars that I was really fond of. There’s a city called “Tequila” nearby and drinking that should be a must-do thing in my opinion. I’m not a strong drinker to be honest but it was definitely worthy. I got to meet up with Camilo, Colombian traveler exploring Mexico and we drunk a lot of tequilas. Damn I think I was so drunk haha.


Street performances


Teatro Juarez is the right place for an entertaining street performance.

It’s more than common to watch street performances in Mexico and that also belongs to your expectations when you go to Mexico, right? I can tell you that in Guanajuato you will find out a load of interesting and high-quality performances, it could be a funny doll show for children or traditional Mexican dancing. I enjoyed them so much and spent my whole evening on the street, well…not expectedly.


Museo de las Momias

As bizzarre as it sounds, there’s a museum called “Museo de las Momias” which displays over 100 real mummies dug up from the nearby cemetery. I wasn’t extremely interested in it but my host Christopher told me how interesting it is so I decided to leave my footprints there.


Apparently a lot of people just come by with such big excitements and go back home with disappointments, well it was fun at the beginning however I don’t really think it’s a place you would definitely regret if you don’t visit. Just my opinion.

I stayed in the city for 2 days and I think that’s the most ideal duration for a good exploration. It could be a bit longer if you’d like to relax a bit and get to know more about Mexican culture.

How was your impression on Guanajuato? Did you like it? 😉

All the love,

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