San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Stopping by at San Miguel de Allende after Guanajuato was such a wise decision. I still don’t know why this city had crossed my mind, perhaps owing to the fact that a random guy I met in Guanajuato told me it’s a precious city where I can definitely have some relaxing times.

How to get there?

Once again I took a Primera bus. Easy, cheap, free wifi (pretty bad though) and even free food on the road. It only took 90 mins from Guanajuato so it was very easy although the bus station is a bit far from tourist attractions so you perhaps need a taxi. Don’t worry though, taxis and Uber in Mexico are cheap.

Red, orange and red


You will also feel that, everything in this small city is either red or orange. I think that makes this city even more photogenic. Believe or not, San Miguel de Allende was chosen as the most beautiful city in the world some years ago.

Live slowly, walk slowly and eat slowly


Sunset at Mirador

Life in Mexico couldn’t be ever slower and I high recommend you to not get annoyed by it. Their lifestyle is laid-back and they don’t like to rush, well…there’s only one exception though, when they drive. Driving in Mexico is hostile.
Exploring city’s special monuments is fun but I also like to observe how people live and get to know their lifestyle. So in Mexico you never hurry, just relax and take some time.



Traveling is not always sunshines and butterflies, oftentimes you get frustrated, feel down, want to stop everything and just go back home, in particular if your journey gets longer than your expectation or don’t have any plans for the upcoming days. I’m an easygoing person and I prefer to accept every condition I have, regardless of where I am or how big the problems can be, nevertheless being physically sick is a different story. I had to suffer from altitude sickness (mountain sickness its’ called) and it was a lot worse than I could ever have imagined. I always knew that going to such countries like Peru and Bolivia gets you sick sometimes but never thought I would face it in Mexico. Actually it makes sense though, both Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende are located in the highlands and obviously I wasn’t used to it at all. All good though, I was pretty sick for two days in a row so basically did nothing, just rested in my hostel bed and slept. I tried to take a couple of medicines but I don’t think they worked, just time cured me. Thank god I’m no longer sick.

How did you spend your time in San Miguel de Allende?

All the love,

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