in love with ‘Viva’ Hollandia

Living in the Netherlands always has been on my bucket list, I’m not sure if you already have checked my post about my dutch trip 9 years ago (link) I was so eager to visit the country when I was living in Spain and I made it happen. It was a very cold season though, winter in the Netherlands can be terrifying, sometimes it bogs you down and frustrates you. After 9 years I finally came back to this fantabulous country and I have been living in The Hague since last month. It’s definitely coincidental. Well, you can ask how I’m enjoying it and I’m loving it so much!

Fun facts about the Netherlands

1.Dutch summer
Spending a summer season in Holland is amazing, nice weather, thus people are happier than they can be in winter season. Now the weather has become a bit worse, for in stance in The Hague where I’m now, it’s raining. I don’t really enjoy sweating doing nothing and being under a massive sun so summer here is just perfect for me.

2.Heaven for train travelers
Though, hitchhiking here is also very easy, but as usual I prefer to take trains. It’s a small country so A day trip by train is a brilliant idea. I suggest you take an OV card which provides some discount. Also, remember to check it and check out every time you get on the train and get off from it, otherwise all the money you have will be gone and it takes a while to get it back. 20 Euro minimum must be on the card in order to take a train. Charging is easy through a machine in the station.

It’s so easy to find some nice parks here in the Netherlands. They’re perfect places for relaxing and recovering from your tiredness. Dutch people like to spend some time in the park talking to their friends, drinking, BBQ and sometimes playing some sports.

Dutch people are well known as not really easy to make friends with and I partly agree. However they are never sly or annoying. It just takes some time to get closer to them and once you’re friends with them, they will be just themselves. More or less the Swedes. I have gotten along very well with my dutch friends here, I guess that’s why I haven’t left this amazing country yet.
Oh there’s one thing I definitely gotta mention – Dutch people are (VERY) dialect, they never lie and they have no reason to do so. So even if they sound too rude, don’t get mad at them or don’t ask if they hate you, that’s just their way of telling things.



What else do you need to describe this beautiful city? 🙂
Though, there are lots of more beautiful and peaceful cities in the Netherlands aside from Amsterdam. So far my favorite is The Hague (Den Haag in Dutch) where I’m now. Its city center is really fun to have a walk by and quite easy to do anything, from shopping to visiting some meaningful museums. It only takes 40 minutes to Amsterdam, so I visit the capital quite often to meet friends or party.

Met up with Mark in Amsterdam. It wasn’t an easy day for both of us but we had lots of fun, didn’t we? 🙂

6.House structure
Bathroom and toilet are divided in most houses in the Netherlands and some cities in Belgium as well. To me it’s really interesting because you don’t see this everywhere.

Embarrassing to spill out, I got a sunburn in Den Haag (There’s a beach called Scheveningen) whereas I was totally fine in the Caribbean beaches.

Perhaps it’s part of Dutch culture, people seem to complain a lot for my standard, but indeed not so terribly.

Over the past two weeks I have been to many small cities near The Hague and I absolutely loved my adventures there. It’s not only about visiting the city and making some photos and coming back home, more like to discover unknown tiny cities. I never knew I was fond of discovering, well now I can tell you that I am, really.



Dylan and I got to visit Volendam. Sometimes life offers you great people who are just like you. We have similar travel style and spent a really nice time in Volendam.


It’s only 40 minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station by bus and if you take one ticket (10 euro) you are free to go there and come back to Amsterdam in the evening.

A beautiful bridge in Edam


Cheese Factory in Volendam


It’s a city and a municipality in the Netherlands. It is located in the province of South Holland, to the north of Rotterdam and south of The Hague.


I got to visit this beautiful small city with Sander on Sunday and we loved it, though it was raining. We found a very charming sandwich place and had a good time over there. Delft is also well known for its outstanding university where receives quite many students worldwide.


Obviously it’s not a city where you can spend your whole day but A short visit must be perfect. If the weather allows you, get some snacks and beers and find a place for a picnic, you will absolutely love it.


World League 2017

World League 2017’s second round was held in The Hague, the Netherlands 3 weeks ago. A friend of mine suddenly asked me If I would be coming and I wasn’t really sure what she was talking about, then I realized about World League and decided to head off to the Netherlands from Belgium. Four teams played in The Hague’s Sportcampus Zuiderpark, The Netherlands (host), South Korea, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Two players from Woori Card where I used to work for were also with the team and one Dutch player who spent his first season in South Korean league last year were also there. Besides watching volleyball and getting to know a new friend (She flew in from Barcelona, Spain. Respect!) it was also great to see those players somewhere so diverse.



It’s one of the eight districts of The Hague, Netherlands, as well as a subdistrict (wijk) of that city. Scheveningen is a modern seaside resort with a long, sandy beach, an esplanade, a pier, and a lighthouse. The beach is popular for water sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding.  Inhabitants of The Hague like to go to Scheveningen when they time and enjoy their day offs over there looking at the beach.


My host Wilco and I visited this nice beach on Sunday and it couldn’t be more relaxing, though A sunburn on my right leg had come back home with me 🙂

Daily life

I don’t always travel here in the Netherlands, I usually spend my morning oversleeping, cooking and working on my blog and another paper jobs. I also go to have a walk through a park nearby, the library which has become my favorite place, window shopping, grocery stores to buy some food too cook and so on. To be honest this is what I always have wanted to do while living in the Netherlands.

Working on my blog in the library
Looking for some cheese
My favorite place in Den Haag to have a walk
Mangiamo un gelatino !

2 weeks ago my friend Mikky asked me a pressing question.
“Hey Felix, There’s a film shooting in Amsterdam on Thursday night, oh well technically on Friday midnight, if you want you can probably join as an extra. The background of the film is 90’s and it’s about gay people’s life.”
Well, How can I possibly say no? It’s not an experience you can have everyday life, right? Also some fresh cash sounds so convincing. So I went for it and I totally loved it.


3 hours of waiting in the bar and an hour of shooting, not too shabby. I’m so glad I did it!
Stay tunned, I’ll be back with my dutch adventures next time!

All the love,

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