7 Unique day trips in the Netherlands

While staying in The Hague, I have become an expert in navigating the trains and automobiles to visit towns nearby. (I mean, it’s a small country so anywhere you can go, it takes less than 3 hours) Read on to see my favorite day trips from The Hague!
The Netherlands is precious, I kinda started to feel it’s a pity that people just pass by it when they travel around Europe. Amsterdam is great and fun but The Netherlands is not only about its capital. I already introduced Amsterdam, Haarlem, Delft and Volendam on my two previous posts, thus I’m going to post about the other cute cities I visited here.



It’s actually the second largest city in the Netherlands, if tourists go to Amsterdam to party, many young locals visit Rotterdam to get drunk and meet fun people. Rotterdam was presented as a good partying place by many dutch travelers I had met abroad and got to visit this city for the 1st time in 2009 and revisited it in July, 2017.

Stunning place to get a cup of coffee

Honestly I’m not really good at discovering differences although I have been taught to be so, however Rotterdam supposedly has changed a lot. My first impression of this city was a busy business city since there are many skyscrapers, but now it’s not only about business, also young people friendly.


Rotterdam is only about 20 minutes away from The Hague and you could possibly travel by train with 10 Euro. One day my friend Mikky invited me and I went to the city immediately. We had a very charming lunch together and walked through the beautiful city.

Den Bosch


It’s actual name is s-Hertogenbosch, around 25 minutes away from Eindhoven. While staying in Eindhoven, I looked for some small cities nearby and my host Arno recommend me Den Bosch as a quick getaway, so I sorta convinced my friend Dylan and his friend Danny to team up together and we discovered this cute city altogether.

The weather wasn’t really friendly towards us but nothing could stop us. Den Bosch’s downtown is so cute and small, while walking there you will see a lot of nice spots to make decent pictures. I’m sure enormous beautiful pictures can be taken in a sunny day. Unluckily we were too late to visit two museums so we decided to have a longer walk through a nice park nearby and had delicious dinner.



It’s actually a pretty big city for the Netherlands. I took a flixbus from The Hague and it took me 150 minutes to get to Eindhoven. The downtown is full of shopping spots and there’s a huge shopping mall you can shop, but I wasn’t interested in it.


Many tourists visit this city just for flying as Eindhoven Airport is pretty international and has many flights with in Europe.



It only takes 30 minutes by bike from Eindhoven and I totally love this cute town. It’s better known as the city where Vincent Van Gogh was born and raised. You will also find the museum of Van Gogh (different from the one in Amsterdam obviously) that displays the life of Van Gogh as a person, also an artist.


I had so much fun cycling from Eindhoven to Nuenen. This cute village has a charming windmill next to the biggest park and a lot of inhabitants come by to chill out and exercise. While working on my paperworks in the park, I met a dutch lady named Nanie and we had a blast talking. She told me people in Nuenen are so happy and I absolutely can feel it by looking at people’s smiles. Non happy people have a tendency to smile awkwardly. So I asked her if I could be happy if I move to Nuenen and she said “Absolutely, I guarantee that”. Should I believe her and move to Nuenen? 🙂


Once you visit Eindhoven or any cities nearby, don’t hesitate to rent a bike and visit Nuenen, you will definitely fall in love with this village.



Sander and I made it to Dordrecht on Sunday and it was absolutely amazing. We took a boat from Rotterdam and it took us about an hour, obviously it’s a lot faster by train.


However the sun had been shining and we were such in “boat taking” mood, we immediately decided to do it. Even in the summer, the weather is pretty unpredictable here, I kindly ask you to be used to it.


Talking about Dordrecht, we totally loved this beautiful small city. Since it was Sunday, many dutch tourists visited this city as well.


We found a really nice bar where we could see the beautiful canals and had a couple of beers with dutch snacks (Bitterballen).
Just like anywhere else in the Netherlands, if the weather allows you, you can take a small boat trip through the beautiful canals, which we didn’t.


In case you choose to keep walking, you will also be able to see incredibly cute views on the road.
Don’t forget to get an ice-cream in Dordrecht 🙂



It’s impossible not to visit Leiden when you are in The Hague, as it’s only 12 minutes far by train. Leiden is a student friendly city like Delft, but for some reason I prefer Leiden over the latter one.


Despite the small size of the city, there are still lots of things to do. Museums are a must there, it’s unbelievable such a tiny city still holds interesting museums. Once again, I recommend you to get a Holland card, so that you will be able to visit any museums.
I joined a Couchsurfing hangout and met up with Marthijn, Krystina and Eva.


We visited  the Museum Oudheden (Museum of Antiquities) and got to see a real Egyptian temple in the atrium.


It was speechless. Then we bought some alcohol and snacks and headed to two different parks. It’s incredible how quickly we became friends and open to each other. We talked about many different subjects, made a lot of jokes, laughed so much and took pictures together.


Don’t worry about being alone in Leiden anyways, everyone can be friends within an hour, it’s full of young students from all over the world. If you are bored, find out a bar that you like and grab some beers, that’s the first step of interacting in the Netherlands.

Zaanse Schans


I went to Zaanse Schans in 2009, I hardly remember how it is. But still it’s visited by a big number of tourists from all over the world. I mean if you can see beautiful windmills that are supposed to present the Netherlands, it doesn’t make sense not to go there. Right? It’s only 10-15 minutes far from Amsterdam Central Station by train. Consider a day trip while in Amsterdam.

One thing to note – No matter where you are, make sure to rent a bike!


Perhaps not in Amsterdam though. It depends on the bike shop you find, but it can’t be that expensive and your travel quality with bike will be miles better, especially if there’s some sun. I totally love cycling here in the Netherlands. Go, stop if you see something beautiful, drink some water or beers and then cycle again…I think I will miss it. The best cycling route so far was Eindhoven-Nuenen and vice versa, it couldn’t be perfecter.


There are so many towns that you can visit and there’s so much more to explore! What are some of your favorite stops in the Netherlands?

All the love,

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