A summer day in Namur

To see a city is one thing, but to experience it is another. My favorite travel stories are the ones spent eating and going to places recommend by locals. After having stayed in Brussels for a couple of days with Alexandre, who first was my host but now a good friend of me, I headed off to Namur (Namen in Dutch), the beautiful French speaking city in the south of Belgium. It’s a really cute small city where can be explored within a day but I decided to stay for two days more and explore what the city had offered. Curious? Let me present my favorite Belgian city.

Before heading off to Namur, I got to visit Mark and Laura in Lokeren
Such beautiful doggies

Note : This definitely deserves another mention. If you are under 26, it only costs 6 euro to take a train, no matter where you go to.

As soon as I arrived in the station of Namur I met up with my host Arthur, such a curious young Belgian guy, also I had the honor to be his first host. He named some nice places to see in Namur and I followed his recommendations. Namur is really small, just like all the Belgian cities, perhaps except for Brussels, you don’t even need transportation to see the city, just keep walking through the beautiful city or you could rent a bike if you feel like cycling.


Visit Citadel

It’s a must-go and see place in Namur, located on a corner where the two rivers meet. It gets you magnificent views over the city and rivers nearby. Many locals seemingly visit this place for a run or even a date.


It’s also perfect if you are fed up with noises and being surrounded by people. I was so fortune with the weather in Namur so that I was able to see the most fabulous views of Namur’s summer season.

Ready for nice pictures?

In my personal opinion, Namur is the most photogenic city in Belgium, many people say it’s Bruge or Ghent, absolutely they are beautiful but already full of foreign visitors whereas Namur being (still) tourist free. Thus you don’t need to wait a few minutes to take some nice pics in Namur. I also enjoyed having some nice salads and Belgian sandwiches on the river side. Do what I did, it’s going to be a memory you’d like to cherish.

Found out this great sandwich place while wandering the city

After Arthur’s final exams, he took me to a charming place to see an amazing sunset view with beers. It was absolutely stunning. Thank you Arthur, though I’m not sure if you are seeing this 🙂




When you are in Namur and have some spare time, visit Dinant. It’s also a very cute city, approximately 20 minutes from Namur by train. The citadel of this city is also pretty attractive, from what I heard many Belgian students come visit this city for a school trip.
Also Collegiale Notre-Dame can be a great place to see after the Citadel. To be completely honest there’s no difference from the others Notre-Dames in France or Canada.


I’m pretty sure I already mentioned how interesting Belgium can be for foreigners last year and you will absolutely feel the same when you get there. Most tourists just stay in Belgium for one or two days due to their busy (sometimes too much) schedule, so they barely feel this but if you at least stay in the country for a week, you will clearly see the difference between Flemish part and French part.


I suppose the biggest you can find out is a language barrier in French speaking part of Belgium. More or less like in Quebec or some really small cities in France, people hardly speak English and expect you to speak French. So my tip is to ask someone younger, most students are minimum 3 languages available in Belgium.

Have you been to Namur or Dinant? How did you spend your holidays there?

All the love,

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