A day off in Leipzig, Germany

Visiting Leipzig can be an awesome idea when you are still in Berlin, get bored of it but don’t want to leave the city yet. I got to visit Leipzig in October, 2013. As it’s not such a huge city, one day should be good enough to explore. Sometimes you just get attracted to a city for no specific reasons and I immediately booked a Flixbus from Berlin to Leipzig. Speaking of which, Flixbus (Meinfernbus) is definitely worth knowing for low-budged travelers. German trains are amazingly convenient, nice and they provide good routes but could be very expensive. Thus, bus trips in Germany are more suitable if you are seeking for something cheaper.

After a very comfortable bus trip from Berlin thanks to Meinfernbus, I arrived in Leipzig at 11:00, unfortunately the weather wasn’t really friendly towards me but I still could afford having a very nice walk through the old town of Leipzig. There are two meaningful churches (St. Thomas & St. Nicholas) that all the tourists come by, even if you are fed up with European churches, I think those churches are worth visiting and having some nice photoshoots as the architecture is quite special.


Right after having looked at the churches I headed off to the old town to have a nice drink. Leipzig’s old town is really easy to access even without a map. While walking through the city you may see some beautiful street piano performances.


If you are entirely free or not pressured to go back to Berlin, I suppose visiting the Panorama Tower must be a brilliant idea. It offers you an overview look of Leipzig. It’s a shame that I didn’t visit that one, so that leaves me another plan for next time.


Look at this beautiful architecture. What do you think that is?
Surprise – It’s an university. (University of Leipzig) Angela Merkel studied here.


Leipzig is in fact the first city I’d come to study architecture, if I ever were studying it. Despite not knowing about it too well, the city’s architecture was impressive enough. Plus, A sunset out there was nice to see as well.


After visiting everything I had planned it was definitely time to leave the city and head back to Berlin. If you see something green in Europe, that gotta be Flixbus and you wouldn’t be able to travel the whole Europe without it, I bet!
For those who got bored of Berlin and looking for some cities nearby, don’t miss the chance to get to know Leipzig 🙂 It’s the only city from Eastern Germany that hosted the World Cup 2006.
Note – Leipzig, Berlin, Dortmund, Munich, Stuttgart, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern and Nuremberg were the hosts of the World Cup 2006.
Have you been to Leipzig? Were you impressed by the architecture out there? 🙂

All the love,

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