Everything about Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo seems to be one of those cities that everyone dreams of. It has lots of things to offer, from shopping to fun night life. I already posted on my previous article about my second Tokyo trip (link) but realized it’s not even enough to present a city as much as I would like to, thus I decided to make a better one.


I visited Tokyo for the 1st time back then in 2014, quite unexpectedly, as I wasn’t planning to travel anywhere after coming back from Croatia, then I got a promotion e-mail from JAPAN AIRLINES (as usual) and there was nothing that stopped me going to Japan’s fabulous capital.


Visit Ueno Zoo

As soon as I arrived in Narita Airport, I headed off to Shinjuku area to leave my backpacks. I stayed at a pretty charming hostel that is in Shinjuku and I can say that I was very satisfied. Reasonable price, lovely staffs, clean and comfortable bed.
After leaving my things I took a metro and got to visit Ueno Joo as the girl working at the hostel recommend me to go. Despite not being a big fan of animals it was pretty fun to have a look around.


Admission : 600 Yen
Timetable : 09:30 ~ 17:00 (Admission until 16:00)



If the zoo is too boring for you, I guess it’s time to head off to Asakusa, especially if you are new with Japanese culture that’s one of the must-go places in Tokyo. This temple provides you a pretty good chance to get a sense of old traditional Japan.


What I like about this one the most is that it’s the opposite of what people usually imagine of Tokyo, escaping from the modern side of the city. There are quite a lot of sample food places you can try and also nice souvenirs can be bought out there.


You will see a lot of temples in Japan, perhaps as many churches in Europe since Buddhism takes the largest part in Japan.


As soon as I finished exploring Asakusa, I moved to Shibuya. What’s this area famous for? Well, a lot actually. Shopping (especially clothes for youngsters, cosmetics and so on) is definitely one of them, night life (clubs, bars and everything), famous international food places and boutique hotels. After getting in Harajuku, I had a look at many shops and ate pretty stunning Japanese curry.

1.jpgFor me the best curry ever is definitely made in Japan, not India (no offense of course).

This is the right place if you are seeking for shopping spots


Wandering Tokyo’s sleepless night

Tokyo Railway Station

Nice place but extraordinarily crowded, it offers lots of different shops. If you would like to see how bustling Tokyo can ever be, the station is the right place. Though it’s worth visiting since there are many things to do there.


The brick station building on the south side is very historic, I suggest you take some pictures there. To conclude, if you just consider the railway station to catch your trains, that’s a mistake.
I’ve got a question for those who already visited this one – Doesn’t Tokyo Railway Station remind you of Amsterdam’s? Yes they are very similar as Tokyo somewhat imitated Amsterdam’s.


Definitely my favorite place in Tokyo. Odaiba is a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Japan, across the Rainbow Bridge from central Tokyo. I couldn’t be more fortune to have Diogo, my couch host that lives in Odaiba area, so that I was able to explore the area very easily, though Tokyo’s transportation expenses are absolutely hostile, in particular the subway heading to Odaiba.

If you see this, that means you are in Odaiba


If you compare Odaiba to Asakusa for example, you will see how modern Odaiba is. Many department stores are probably worth visiting, if you are fond of shopping, also the night view that Odaiba provides is pretty amazing.


I guess my answer if someone asks me which part of Tokyo I would like to live in the future would be Odaiba, not because of its modernity, I just love the feeling to be there, being close to the nice beach.


If you can afford some time or don’t even have a schedule to adjust, I’d say you can stay in Odaiba area for a day and go back to Shibuya or elsewhere. Perhaps it’s only me but I really loved my stay in this area and I will surely come back there with another big plans.

It definitely gets more stunning at night

I’m not completely sure if Fuji TV Tower belongs to must-go places while in Tokyo. I was pretty disappointed as it’s nothing really special.


Meiji Jingu Shrine

Two, large gates frame the entrance to this Shinto shrine that was dedicated to Emperor and Empress Meiji. Completed in 1920, repairs were required after the shrine was damaged during World War II. This one is completely free unless you’d like to visit the gardens or treasury. Sometimes wedding parties (in traditional outfits) are held in this area and if you are lucky enough you will be able to see them live. It’s not a really pleasant place for some people but worth visiting and getting to know about while you are in Tokyo.


Tokyo Tower


Well, there you go, that’s the highlight of Tokyo. I personally think Tokyo Tower is a lot more beautiful than many towers worldwide, I was fortune enough to visit this spot with Johannes, my Norwegian friend studying in Japan, so that I wasn’t lonely or desperate to ask someone to take some pictures of me. The night view from the tower couldn’t be better. I’m still so glad that I got to visit this place!


Main Observatory hour – 09:00 ~ 23:00 (Last admission – 22:30)
Prince – 900 yen for adults

What else?

Can’t wait to get back to this metropolitan city
Got to watch some volleyball in Tokyo Metropolitan Studium

Have you been to Tokyo? What’re your favorite places to eat?

All the love,

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      Tokyo is indeed amazing, I visited this city twice but I don’t think it was enough to get to know it. I hope my post inspired you enough and I definitely recommend the city! 🙂

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