Highlight of Verona, Italy

What makes you excited while you are on a trip? The fact that you are traveling? Food? Hanging out with locals? Museums? Culture shocks? To me it’s always diverse, I always enjoy trying different kind of cuisines that I never eat when I’m home, and I love talking to locals. Oftentimes you get a free welcome beer from locals just for visiting his/her own city. It’s already been a month since I stopped traveling and got back home, well, it’s been disastrously lonely and pretty depressing. Hence, I decided to look back on my trip to Italy in 2013.

First footprint in Verona


To me Italy is everything, I love its history, the very visible fact that the country always has kept its old cultures, the beautiful language, the food and the people. My first day in Italy seven years ago wasn’t really positive though, however that’s what happens when you just land up at a big city. Verona was completely different from what I had imagined on the other hand. I love the special atmospheres of the city, the Gelatos and actually everything out there.

I don’t even want to imagine being by myself without this guy in Verona! Grazie Simone 😀
Another amazing experience with Couchsurfing

After a train trip from Milan Malpensa Airport, I finally arrived in Verona and my friend Simone took me to his place that is in Chiampo, which is a bit away from Verona. He has such a lovely place to stay that reminds me of a hostel for backpackers. We got along very well, we had dinner together, went out for a drink in the evening. The next day we got to visit Verona’s fabulous old town. Believe or not, it hadn’t even taken a minute to fall in love with the city. We grabbed some traditional Italian snacks and began to walk through the old town.


Verona could be also very photogenic, especially if the weather stays sunny. I guess September couldn’t be perfecter to explore this city.


La casa di Giulietta

Yes, literally, Verona is the city where Romeo e Giulietta (the novel & film) was set in and I’m quite sure all of you would like to visit Giulietta’s house when you are in the city. It’s said touching her boobs bring good luck.

12Apparently there was some problem with my camera but hopefully she brought some luck to me.

Arena di Verona


It’s a Roman amphitheatre in Piazza Bra in Verona, Italy built in the first century. It is still in use today and is internationally famous for the large-scale opera performances given there. This place always has been the symbol of Verona which tourists can easily recognize. We didn’t enter this one but having a look outside was nice enough.

Don’t miss out a beautiful sunset


If the weather allows you and if you could afford some time in the evening, don’t miss a fabulous sunset in Verona. Luckily enough, Simone took me to a tourist-free place where An overview of Verona can be seen. We had a cup of coffee while watching the crazy sunset, and I kept saying myself. “It’d be next to impossible to not fall in love with somebody here in Verona.”


When you talk about romantic cities, the first ones that cross your mind must be France’s Paris, perhaps Budapest, Prague, or it could be Hawaii, but I think Verona also deserves a clearer mention.


Does Italy’s gelato live up to the hype?


It definitely does! Every time I’m in Italy, I try to have as many gelato as possible, not due to the hype, but the fact that it’s so damn delicious and cheap!
To be honest the best gelato I’ve ever had was the one I got in Rome, 6 years ago, the gelato place is right in front of Piazza di Spagna. That’s my first plan to do when I’m back in Italy.
Have you been to Verona? How did you like it? 🙂

All the love,


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