Nine ways to survive travel burnout


Trust me. It definitely will, if you are on a long term journey.
People get tired, regardless of what they do, even when they do what they love to do. I love traveling, there’s no doubt about that and I never want to ask myself why the heck I love to travel so much. However, yes I get exhausted from to time, especially whenever I’m on a very long journey. When you say long, it’s usually over a month, which is fine for me but I need some time to relax, rest, think about nothing, in particular thinking where to go next or what to do or the worst is worrying about money. Here’s some nice ways of being free of tiredness while on a long trip.

1.Stay longer in one certain place
I hate it when my schedule gets tight and have to move to another city after just one day of staying. I prefer to get to know the city I’m staying better, maybe meet some people to grab a beer with, so that I could possibly avoid being tired and also add some nice memories.

2.Be best friends with your bed
I know, it’s absolutely not as comfortable as your own bed back home, but still better than sleeping on a forest or something. I don’t mind sleeping all day long when I feel extremely tired, even when I’m on a trip. Some people say it’s wasting time and one must be productive, I partly agree, but definitely not when your body can’t afford that. Physical condition is always the first one to concern about, then comes money and time. In other words, you can’t travel if you are sick. So, be nicer to yourself.

1.jpgOr be friends with wines 🙂

I miss cuddling with this one in the morning, there’s no better starting my day off with

3.Find out some entertainment
Tired of everything including all the impressions, even what you are seeing. I know how you feel. You travel to entertain yourself, not to be mentally exhausted or fed up with being surrounded by other tourists. My advice for this is that you need to find out some entertainment to amuse yourself. What? I don’t know, you gotta ask yourself. Some do yoga or other kind of meditation, some do surf, some just drink a lot and get drunk, or many others get stoned (especially in Amsterdam). When you travel, especially if you are alone, don’t miss the advantage of it. Nobody knows you and nobody blames you for doing something.

Ordinary days in Germany

I believe there’s something to learn in everything, it could be a new language or new skills such as sports or paintings or even cooking. So try to learn things that you can’t learn when you are home. Traveling is not only about seeing famous monuments and uploading selfies on Instagram.

Apparently jumping is the first thing I gotta be better at

5.Discover secret spots
When you stay at one specific city or country for a bit longer than you had planned, it’s going to be a genius idea to discover secret spots that not many people know about. I happened to find out way more than what I had imagined in The Hague, The Netherlands for example, from a beautiful boutique store to a cute coffee place. Unless you work or study you will have plenty of free times to do anything you want, so do it!

Our favorite coffee place in Warsaw, Poland.
It couldn’t be funnier how we found this out.

Give some time for yourself to think. People tend to forget about simple things and to not think carefully when they are busy. Try to think what you are grateful for, what makes you happy, what you are gonna eat for dinner, rather than thinking something stressful.

Traveling gets you really good people and that’s also I’m grateful for.

When you get to celebrate your birthday during your trip, it also made me think how lucky I am

7.Take a look at the picture you took
It will somewhat inspire you again. It definitely worked for me, though traveling is not only about pictures.

Happiness can be found anywhere

8.Control your emotion
One can’t deny the fact that people get a lot more emotional and aggressive when they’re physically tired. When you travel by yourself, the most important factor you gotta take care of is to be mentally stable. You can’t be happy all the time, sometimes you may get pissed off due to rude behaviors of locals while exploring the city, sometimes you may get robbed. Life is totally full of coincidences and unfortunately no one is able to predict it. So, my tip for future long-term travelers is that to enjoy every single moment you live. Well, if you feel fed up with everything and go back home sooner than you expected, you have two options. Stay or go back home, funnily many people decide to go back home and they for sure regret upon their arrival home. Don’t get too emotional, control yourself, and listen to what your heart says.

Oh well, I literally proved that selfies are taken when the traveler is in a good mood.

9.Write a diary
I assure you keeping a diary could be much more helpful than photography. I know it’s not really easy to be as diligent as keeping a diary while on a long-term trip, but it’s definitely going to be helpful and such a meaningful memory. Use your laptop or evenly your phone which makes writing a lot easier than using a pencil.


Stop hanging around and have a blast!


All the love,
Felix 🙂

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Hello world, I'm a treasure hunter of life experiences. I'm curious minded with a strong force for discovery and adventure. These days I spend most of my time living out of a backpack, traveling from one country to the next.

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