Hey Felix,

Do you know me? Well, let me ask you this way. Are we friends? I don’t think you have gotten to know me enough, but I really like you and hopefully this letter will make you feel better and help you out to find your confidence and enthusiasm. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s okay…I just want to try to help you. As far as I know the last three years have been hostile towards you. I’m so sorry you have been going through this pain. No one wants to struggle with such nightmarish depression. It seems like many people still don’t understand why the others have depression and where they get it from. But I know how awful it is how hard you have tried to overcome it. By the way, do you still have plans to travel around the world? I heard you are a real wanderer. How was your 5th European trip? Did everything go well? Did you meet your beloved friends? Sorry if I’m asking you too many questions. What I want to tell you is that you shouldn’t give up on what you would like to achieve for your life. Everyone goes through strenuous times, I do too and I’m pretty sure all the people around you do as well. There’s no reason to feel down and blame yourself for that. If you feel like crying and talking to someone, here I am. I will always stay with you no matter what. Trust me, you are a wonderful person. I also heard you had a very hard time getting used to the new atmosphere of your workplace, but there’s nothing wrong with sucking at things that you haven’t gotten used to yet. After all, in order to be great at something you have to be willing to suck at it for a while. Life is a grind, but you should think different. See the positive side of the thing even if the negative side is bigger and not ignorable. I hope you stay optimistic as you were in your childhood, you were a good kid. I hope you learn to love yourself and be generous about yourself. Nobody is you and no one has a right to judge you. You have an incredible self-esteem your confidence is intoxicating, never give up your dreams, I know you will succeed in anything you want.

Felix, be nice to everyone. I know it’s not so easy to smile all the time and stay positive in such a negative place you are living in, nonetheless, be nice, helpful and generous to everyone. Keep smiling, talking to people, when you are curious, ask them, they won’t bite you. Don’t ever prejudge anything before you actually get to know it. That will definitely upgrade your lifestyle. Then people will remember your heart of gold, kindness and forthrightness. I know everyone will love you if you show how much you respect and like them. Sometimes it’s nicer to be thoughtless and not care about anything. I tell you, it’s miles better than getting stressed and crying under your blanket.

Felix, please remember. Live to the beat of your heart, give more than you receive and love yourself. You know how cruel you have been towards yourself. It’s been enough.

Felix, this world is a horrifying place, we don’t know how many invisible competitions we will have to face in the future but I know you are a fighter. Get ready for the battle and win it. You are smart and brave.

Lastly, It’s been so nice chatting with you. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon, I can’t wait to give you a hug.

All the love.