Word. I’m Felix and I’m a guy in my middle twenties on a journey to learn more about myself and the life around me. I consider myself as a treasure hunter of life experience who’s enthusiastic and courageous. I’m so fond of any kind of chocolates and Nutella, I always enjoy peaceful mornings starting with a cup of espresso and writing about my trips because writing about them reminds me of all the great memories and inspire me for another journey.


The world is so big and full of interesting things to discover.

I like traveling and there are a ton of reasons why, First off, I love the sounds in an airport. I love the sounds of luggage wheels clacking on the moving sidewalk, a boarding pass getting torn off and my passport being stamped. All of those are comforting reminders that I am either almost home or to be somewhere new and exciting. And I also like being an alien, holding a map, being lost, talking to strangers, having a coffee or even a beer after a very long walk. And seeing all the photography you have taken is always memorable.

Besides traveling, I also stayed in Europe (Sweden and Spain) as a student approximately for 5 years and it taught me A LOT which you can’t learn at home living the same routed daily life, also brought me amazing memories to be coming back home with. I like languages, sports (volleyball, basketball and football at times), art, photography, piano, architecture (despite the fact that I’m not an expert), chocolates, coffee, exploring unknown places, writing, reading and cycling.


Any questions, suggestions and opinions shall be appreciated. Please contact me through my e-mail or Facebook, I will definitely be ready to reply, so that we can keep our conversations.
I am open to anything, especially working on blog with you or any kind of it. So, please don’t hesitate to text me! Who knows? Perhaps we could be such a dream team.

All the love,

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